FxPM Matrix Is Showing All Same Numbers: Decimal/Comma Issue: Regional and Language Settings

SYMPTOM: I live in a country where the decimal separator for numbers and currency is the comma, ",", for example 1,50, for what in the USA would be 1.50 (see the comma versus the decimal point. Your FxPM shows repetitive nonsense numbers on the Matrix.

First, close FxPM.

Second, for whichever Windows platform you use; manage to get to your Control Panel

Then, you need to go to your Regional and Language Options, located in your Control Panel.

Once you find it, open it. Then in the Formats tab, it should say your country. In that same page, see towards the bottom it says: Customize this format, click on it.

Where it says Decimal Symbol, there is probably a comma ",". You can replace that comma "," for a decimal point "." (ignore my quotes " ").

Then click OK, and OK again to close the Regional and Language Options.

You may need to restart your computer but, your FxPM Software should display the correct values now.

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