Software Buttons Hidden (Display Settings)

The Problem: when you try to open charts or a matrix there is no "ok" or "cancel" buttons. Your buttons are hidden.


This is the solution to fix that issue.


(Windows 7) Step one:



Step 2: Go To Display
















STEP 3:  Choose 100% 

o    Smaller - 100% (default). This keeps text and other items at normal size.

o    Medium - 125%. This sets text and other items to 125% of normal size.

o    Larger - 150%. This sets text and other items to 150% of normal size. This option appears only if your monitor supports a resolution of at least 1200 x 900 pixels.

3.  Click Apply.



WINDOWS 10 Solution


Right click on desktop > Choose Display Settings



Then slide the toggle to the left on 100% and press apply



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